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Friday, May 05, 2006

The First Bite

I walked Nala the crazy dog who has been boarded for at least 2 weeks now. The dogs get very little exercise when they are boarded, and we walk them on these slip-knotted ropes (which I personally don't consider to be particularly secure, but then again, I walk my dog in a harness.) Anyhow, on the way back inside, Nala picked up Teddy's (boarded Collie) toy off the floor, and when i went to grab it, her teeth chomped down on my knuckle. I think she was just trying to get a better grip, but she drew blood, so she's certainly not as careful as my dog, Kayak, is around human flesh. Nala didn't really want to give up her stolen new toy, and it took a bit of cajoling to get it back.

I also asked doc a lot of questions about putting Kayak under anesthetic (a risk because he had heartworm disease when we found him, which he has since been cured of,) pre-anesthetic panels, and I learned about how to prepare dogs that are risky for surgery, with sub-q fluids, iv fluids, etc. It was neat.


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