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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

It's Alive!

Just before these photos were taken, Kayak initiated tug-o-war with Sonar! I of course failed as a mother to capture this exciting moment in digital, but I did get some shots of the 55 pound black beast that graces our household.

Sonar catches the "gingerbread man."

Sonar practices her CIA prisoner "breaking" techniques. GRRRRR YOU WILL TALK GRRRR.

Sonar makes a mockery of Lassie.

Sepiatone Frolicking.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

SO what is 'sepiatone'??

3:10 AM CST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what is sepiatone????

3:11 AM CST

Anonymous Anonymous said...

NOW.........I get it.

3:30 AM CST


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