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Monday, March 24, 2008

A Good Thwack

I don't believe in hitting dogs. Ever. But once in a while, my dog manages to hit me. Really hard. Usually with some really bony part of her body. This time, it was her skull. How she didn't knock either of us out, I'll never know. We were playing tug with her Kong, and she was doing the "shake the kong" move, and I was on dog-level at the time. Her skull connected with the side of my skull so hard that it absolutely ROCKED me. After a few moments in the fetal position, though, I felt fine. Great actually. Better than I had felt before she had cracked me in the head. Which leaves me to wonder precisely how many brain cells she killed. Because as everyone knows, ignorance is bliss. The entire episode makes me wonder if banging my head against the wall really is the solution to workplace stress.


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