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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sonar Tore her Right ACL

Sonar update:

She had surgery today between 2p and 2:30p.

She's doing well, woken up from anesthesia. She has to stay overnite and we pick her up tomorrow around 8am. We're re-configuring the house to allow for her to recuperate without jumping up on the sofa, at least for the first 6 weeks. We're moving the couch to the kitchen, and she'll have to be crated or tightly confined when we're gone.

You can see the TPLO surgery she had here:

(We had it done by a different surgeon at the same facility that Kayak's been in and out of.)

The vet took xrays (the first set of a total of 3 we'll need done, one set at 6 wks post op and one set at 12 wks post op) and her hips look good, although the good knee is already showing signs of inflammation and arthritis, which means the other ACL is likely to go as well in the future. The bilateral issue means it's probably genetic. This nearly confirms that she's a lab/shepherd mix, since this ACL issue runs strongest in Labs, Goldens, and Rotties (Rottweilers).

If healing goes well, we'll be able to to 10-15 min leashed walks in 6 weeks. No running for probably 12 weeks. Jumping and stairs will be the last part of her clearance. We'll post pictures of her shaved & sutured leg tomorrow.



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