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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Update on Snack Bags

I took my first sandwich in the Snack Bags. I'm feeling a little befuddled. My bread dried out. Apparently the wonderful breathability of Nylon is allowing my bread to breathe. I was carrying the Snack Bag inside a cotton cloth lunch bag. I wonder: if I carried the little Snack Bags in an overall less breathable outside bag- like, for instance, one of the ACME workhorse shopping bags that has silicone in it (is that less breathable? I think so...) Or perhaps if my sandwich was more "snuggled" into the cloth lunch bag, like wrapped a little more instead of free floating- since you could fit about 3-4 pb & j's into one Snack Bag. Experiment time!

Also: so the picture of the bag holding water previous: the bag can only do that when the outside of the bag is dry. I believe this phenomenon has something to do with water tension. If the outside is dry, the bag holds water as though it were plastic. If the outside is rubbed with water, then water goes right through. I'll post pictures. It's fascinating.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A rigid container is best for
sandwiches. Keeps em fresh and
keeps em from getting smashed.
Just buy one and use it for YEARS.

9:26 PM CDT


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