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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Am I a Hunter?

So I've been mulling over the idea of learning to hunt deer.
Sustainable Protein Source
Healthy Protein Source: Deer eating natural food is healthier than corn-fed cattle
Happy Protein Source: The life of a free, wild Deer (in a balanced population) avoids the suffering of cattle in feedlots, chicken in cages, and over-fishing of oceans/lakes.
Quick, Sanitary Death: A quick death with a high-powered rifle in the middle of a forest avoids the contamination issues of a slaughterhouse and the human/animal toll of repeated slaughter by a few people.
Transparent Complicity: Through the purchase and eating of meat, I've been complicit in plenty of animal death, but I've never personally had to be the responsible party. Does this take more responsibility? Maybe.
I'm a wuss.
Deer are cute, they look like my dog.
They have big ears, and big soft eyes.
I feel incredibly guilty just thinking about killing another deer's mom/brother/sister.
What if my first shot isn't sufficient? What if my lack of skill causes suffering?
What if some other idiot hunter shoots me?
What if I shoot some other hunter?
Neither Pro nor Con:
I will have to learn to "dress" a deer.
I will have to learn to shoot guns (neat!)

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Blogger Kath said...

uncle Denny or one of the Ken(s)
might take you.

1:19 AM CST

Blogger DCGirl said...

I am a way bigger wuss. I won't even kill bugs. Please take a picture of yourself in hunting gear and with a gun if you do go hunting. Please.

9:41 AM CST


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