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Friday, May 05, 2006

The Second Injection

As the title says, I gave the second injection, this time to an awake dog, and this time a distemper vax so I had to mix the liquid with the powder in two separate vials. I must remember next time to keep the needle in while mixing- this dulls the needle less than repoking it through the rubber- not that the big black lab even noticed. I held several animals for the doc today, the most difficult was holding one for the other volunteer to inject. The long lead-up until she injected him made my knees shake a bit from the needle, but I hung in there. Also got blood on me for the first time, a Jug draw wouldn't clot on a King Charles Spaniel. It got on my arm. I didn't mind at all.

Also grosser than the cutting of gums on the yorkie- today a reaaaaaaaaally old cat with a rotting mouth was in on an IV drip. Her name was Ronnie. I dealt with them changing the IV- a bit gross, and then the doctor pulling out a chunk of rotted gum- WAY gross, and then the doc pulling out a tooth- reallly really gross. But I hung in there, no dizziness. And then I held Ronnie the kitty while a tech brushed her. Kitty was in rough shape- a raging gum infection that could have been averted a long time ago. Poor kit looked miserable. Kitty smelled, not surprisingly, like rotting flesh. She was very interesting colours- oranges and blacks. It was apparently a slow Saturday. I'm picking up on how to choose a good muzzle size right off the bat. I want to ask how to find the jugular vein on a dog, so I can try on my dog Kayak. (Obviously without stabbing him.)

Also cleaned up in front of the office outside, picked up litter by the road. It was gorgeous out so this was a nice break in the action. Bought heart meds and flea meds for kayak. They gave me a bit of a discount, which was very nice of them.


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