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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Puffy and Coda

Today I got to hold a very squirmy 6 year old golden who needed to get neutered. He got his anesthetic shot and took forever to get sleepy. Even when he did, he just got sort of drunk. He was still pretty darn awake when doc put a syringe in his vein to make him sleepier. Today for surgeries doc didn't start catheters, he just left needle syringes in the veins. I wonder why. He was a super cute dog named Puffy. He was seriously wound up.

Then I had to go get this barky boy black puppy-dog (who was a BIG puppy.) His name was Coda, and he was a rescue dog too. He was also super squirmy, but he eventually fell asleep on just the pre-anesthetic, although barely.

There was a really big strong Staffie who came in because he had to get the tip of his tail re-bandaged. He was so muscular. A nice dog, but didn't really appreciate vet visits.

But the next patient a German Shepard, so disliked vet visits, that his owner had to hold him. This is a good idea for dogs like him. I doubt small dogs would be at all soothed by their owner's presence, but a lot of the big dogs are.

Sox-the-extra-cute-cat cuddled with me for a bit. Sometimes I want to take him home- he needs a home. But our home is pretty full right now...


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