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Friday, May 12, 2006

The Art of Disinfection

Today when I arrived, I found out that we had some seriously sick puppy dogs on our hands. We had one dog in ISO with Parvovirus, and two of the rottweiler/mix puppies that had been undergoing spay/castrations had some kind of illness (I can't remember!) I started cleaning litter boxes, and then on of the techs put a feces-covered grate in the "tub" where we wash stuff. I started to wash it, and she told me to be very careful, because it was poop from one of the sick dogs. Well, I scrubbed it with soap, hot water, bleach, and roto-kill (roto-kill is the chemical of choice to clean extra-nasty stuff, and it is appropriately green-death colored.) I cleaned two of those grates, and each one probably took me about 10 minutes per. Then I had to disinfect myself and the tub. I used roto-kill and bleach.

I then followed a tech on float today. I helped her clean runs which involves hosing, scrubbing, and squeegeeing. I liked learning to clean runs, because this makes me more useful as a potential hiree.

There was a really cool dog in one of the rescue runs. She was a small black dog, and could jump amazingly high! She did these cool flips in the run, and I guess she can get out of them by jumping Mario-style of the sides of the walls. Really neat! She has already been adopted and will be picked up Friday, I think. I told the tech to let me know what happens if the family who adopts her doesn't dig her fence-jumping style.


Blogger Dooley said...

Parvo, nasty stuff, saw something on animal planet on that. Wow you are learning a ton. You are going to be an awesome vet!

9:48 PM CDT


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