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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Unexpected

First: She really wants to take the WHOLE fork. What a strange dog. Second- she was diagnosed with skin mites today- and the bald spot that was forming on her head- see pic- got even balder when the vet scraped it for a skin cell sample today. I got to see her mites on the microscope slide, the little bastards. I also got to dip her in the Amitrazan (strong chance I spelled/remembered the name of that incorrectly.) I had to put opthamalic ointment in her eyes before I dumped the "dip" on her so that her eyes would be protected. She did her best impression of small, pathetic puppy. The people who adopted her brother, "Socks" originally wanted to adopt Sonar as well, but we beat them by a matter of hours. Sometimes when she's being a pain I like to threaten to send her to live with her brother. Its a threat with no truth behind it, but nonetheless, I enjoy the retro-I'll-send-you-to-boarding-school-in-the-countryside-if-you-don't-shape-up feel to it. The word from the tech who runs the rescue organization is that Socks is getting just as big. Also I downloaded "picasa" a photo editing program by google to mess with my photos. It's free, and when I'm looking through my album I can click a button that says "blog this" and it goes right to my blogger with the pic. So very cool. Posted by Picasa


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