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Monday, September 04, 2006

My Summer Vacation, Part 1

Planning for a backpacking trip takes a considerable amount of foresight, both in preparing for the worst-case scenario and the day-to-day needs of any vacation. Luckily, we live in close proximity to Bass Pro Shops and Sports Authority. Kayak was of course, close at hand to assist me in packing. Being a dog, though, he didn't really understand what the big deal was with all the clothing.

Not everything here made the final cut before we hit the trails, but it pretty close. We cut mostly redundant items, and the radio. We chose 25 ft of rope instead of 50, though, after the trip, I think I'll take two lengths of 25 ft next time. Rope is just wicked useful, and really not the rate limiting step when it comes to weight. After packing all my stuff and 5 days worth of food for two people (or what I thought was 5 days worth of food for two people.) I kissed all the animals goodbye and Gaurav drove me to the airport. Then I kissed him goodbye, but not before I had to give him my matches and lighter, which weren't even allowed in checked baggage. As I passed through security, I couldn't help but be concerned that my Indian boyfriend was now walking through the airport with fire-starting devices in his pockets.
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