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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Evening Falls

It's 7:40pm. Sonar is resting comfortably and we had our first successful pee! She's also gulped down a bunch of water. Hooray! We bought her a lightweight pink collar for good luck and also it works better to hold the lampshade on. We tried to buy this crazy inflatable neck thing for post surgery healing without licking, but it leaks air. Useless. Back to the lampshade.

The sling that they had available at petsmart was for under her chest, and it was crazy, with lots of clips. So I got all CAB (yes mom, you) and made one real quick on the sewing machine with a handtowel and some random strapping that I'd misappropriated from somewhere. And yes. It makes me feel cool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I gave you the brown strap stuff.
Very handy. Yes?
Take back the thing that didn't work and get your money back.


12:01 AM CDT


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