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Monday, August 24, 2009

News Tonite: Unstapled Dog Still a Mystery

Well, Garv noticed she had less bling on her leg sometime on Sunday morning, 12 days post-op. On closer inspection, she only had about 5 staples out of an original 25. The one with the bite mark around it on her lower leg, and about 4 near the top of the incision remained. By Sunday night, she only had two, one at the very top, and the one with the bite mark. Sunday night turned into Monday morning, and a sole staple remained. The one that was easiest to reach, and with a bite mark. Even though the vets have told us that it's far more likely she pulled them out, we still maintain that they fell out. We haven't once caught her at the incision, and there's no sign of incision stress, at all. Not even a sign of licking. You can plainly see where she's been licking at the shaved patch on her front leg (maybe stress/boredom). But there is no sign of licking on the incision. You can also see by the bend patterns of the ones I found under her crate that it is possible for them to have worked themselves out. I tried bending one with my fingers. Not easy. She does chew her own toenails, but I still have my doubts. She's getting kind of crazy in this confinement, she really hates it. I think we're going to ask for sedative at her "staple removal" appointment tomorrow. And I think she'll wear a muzzle to the vet. Lots of dogs in that waiting room.


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