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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rocking and Rolling

Sonar is definitely feeling better. I can't tell, though, if she has trouble finding a comfy position in her crate because she's painful, or because she's restless and bored. We took her off Tramadol yesterday (she ran out, and vet said to see if she still needed it). She had her last dose at noon yesterday. She was panting and pacing a lot in her crate just now though, so I gave her a dose of Tramadol to see if it was because she was hurting. It's been about 10 minutes and she already seems calmer. I don't know if it works that fast or if I'm imagining things. Her eyes are looking sleepy though. Kayak hurled all over the floor this morning, it was lovely. I got the stain all out with our new stuff though. "Nature's Miracle" I think. I also found a bite mark on Sonar's leg where it looks like she tried to bite out this lonely staple that's further down on her leg than all the rest. This finding (this afternoon) has now removed all guilt about leaving her in her cone when we're not home . (The Comfy Cone of course.) I'm trying to get a photograph but she hasn't presented a good shot of it yet. She's also getting a little smelly in this crate area, even though the blankets are on a wash rotation and the towels get changed out at least once a day. I've put a fan on near the crate to try to keep the air moving and keep her cooler in her cone. She's cleaning one of her front legs right now. Maybe she noticed the smell.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Getting back to her old self.

11:19 PM CDT


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