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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Obnoxiously Safe

So because it's a) winter and b) I get bored and c) It's dark out and d) I'm obsessed with this kind of thing.... I made a Super-Reflective cover for my messenger bag to make me obnoxiously visible when riding my bike in the dark. I bought this rad reflective tape off ebay (it's about 2" wide) and I salvaged the blue material from the floor of a beat up tent I bought at a REI garage sale for $10.00 and the strap webbing was mis-appropriated from somewhere along with the plastic clips. It's hard to see in the bottom photo but I also added two spots to hook flashing LED blinkies as well. It turned out pretty darn cool. I originally intended to stitch down all the reflective tape, but it's rather tape-y and doesn't like much to be stitched, so I let it kind of be flowy. And then I was going to stitch what you now see as tails on the bottom, but then thought "hey! flappy reflectives will only add to the visibility!" So I kept them as tails. We'll see if they're annoying or need to be trimmed. Since I am not the least bit OCD there's all kinds of crookedness to this if you see it up close, but, you'd have a hard time convincing me that there's any value in making something like this all neat and tidy. It's supposed to be distracting enough that drivers avoid me. Ergo, the more annoying, the better.
Thanks to the boy for modeling.Posted by Picasa


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