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Monday, September 04, 2006

My Summer Vacation Part 2

Meet Oscar.
Alias: Oscariffic.
Age: 10 mos.
Weight: 85 lbs.
Occupation: Duck Chasing, Bear Scaring, Mountain Climbing, Running Next To Bike. Greatest Aspiration: To make out with girls. Greatest Fear: Water (but he's getting better at that! He can swim now!)
Breed: Shepard/Lab Mix
Cuteness Level: EXTREME

Oscar was our protector and main source of constant entertainment during the trip. It is a well -known fact that bears HATE dogs, so every time Oscar peed around our campsite, we congratulated him as if he had just installed electric fencing around our lean-to. His presence snuggled between our sleeping bags got us through some rather hair-raising nights.

Conversations around 1 am went as follows:

Dooley: "did you hear that??!!"
Beck: "No, but neither did Oscar, he's still sleeping."
Dooley: "good point."
Beck: "what did it sound like?"
Dooley: "I don't know."
Beck: "well, at least it might not be a bear then."
Dooley: "mmm-hmmm."
Beck: "riiiight."
Dooley: "bears hate dogs though."
Beck and Dooley: "Gooooood Boooy Oscar!"
Dooley: "Wait, that was the noise!"
Beck: "What?"
Dooley: "The dog!"
Beck: "Snoring?"
Dooley: "Yes!"
Beck: "Let's hope it doesn't sound like a bear mating call."
Dooley: "Oh great." Posted by Picasa


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