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Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Lay of the Land

Avalance Pass Pictures (from Day Two of Hike)

1. The slides on Mt. Colden

2. The slide on Colden with pretty clouds.

3. Hitch-me-up-Matilda.

4. This is a special section of Mt. Colden, called the "Trap Dike." It's that real rocky spot near the center of the photo. If you climb partially up on a different trail, you can climb the rest of the way to the top of Mt. Colden on the rocky-cliffy part. You can do it without ropes and fancy climbing gear, but you do have to be careful. There's water flowing down it all the time because it's a waterfall, but it turns to a trickle in the summer. I know, it sounded crazy to me too, the first time I heard about it. But apparently it's really cool. Posted by Picasa


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