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Sunday, September 17, 2006

MSV Part IV (Day Two of Hike): Cautiously Optimistic

Beginning our day with leaping flames in the lean-to (see Part III...) we resolved to make this day more fun than it had been so far, and we looked forward to the famous portion of our hike: Avalanche Pass. To get to Avalance Pass from our lean to, we slogged through some ugly woods hiking. Slippery rocks, sticky mud, ladders, and dark, damp woods characterized this section. By 'characterized' I mean that's all there really was. Both of us were in agony from the previous day's punishment, and trying to keep Oscar on a leash to follow the DEC's rules was making us insane, and him as well. In any case, we finally reached Avalanche Pass, where we were confronted with a rather large, unexpected, unbelievable surprise. No, it wasn't a bear.

What you see pictured above is of course Dooley and Oscar. They are posing by a state-installed wooden walkway that is bolted to the side of cliff. Nifty. This structure is called a Hitch-Me-Up-Matilda and the name comes from some story of a woman (Matilda) who was too big of a wuss to cross them. Matilda was a very confused person because these structures are perhaps the easiest part of Avalance Hell. I mean Pass. Now, when Dooles and I were doing the research on this trip, we of course read about Avalance Pass, and looked at pictures. And these pictures mislead us. All showed the hitch-me-ups, but nothing ever spoke of the REST OF AVALANCHE PASS. The hitch-me-ups consist of about two 50ft long sections. The rest of this absolutely brutal trail is gigantic boulders, ladders, rocks, caves, trees and a general torture chamber if you are wearing a full pack. And hiking with a 10-month-old, 85 lb puppy.

We emulated famous pictures everywhere by snapping shots of the Matildas. But let it be known: I took these pictures out of spite, not because I thought the world needed MORE photos of the gosh-darned things. Posted by Picasa


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