adventures of beck

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Learning Curve

Knockabout Toys made the top one.

I made the bottom one. Wood rasps are cool! I mounted the cab upside down. Hey, it was 2am. The top of it was supposed to be the front bumper. It rolls!

Sharing is Caring!

Family Portrait

From Left to Right: Sonar, Gaurav, Kayak, Beck

What is it about a gym that is so appealing? And when I say "gym" I mean actual "gymnasium." I think it might be the versatility of open space. Though well equipped for basketball, there are a thousand variations of game that can be played in this dedicated space. Dodgeball, baseball, soccer, capture the flag, hockey... Although there are perfectly good areas designed specifically for each game, nothing works as well as a gym for all games, in all weather. I love that I spend the majority of my workweek in a sprawling gymnasium. I don' t know what I might do without it.

More In Common Than They Think

Heat seeking? Check.
Temperamental? Check.
Bossy? Check.
Dislike Eachother? Check.
Incredibly Cute While Sleeping? Check Check.

Pre-Wash Cycle

Kayak was kind enough to help us clean out the new dog food bin our friends gave us. Sonar was totally impressed that he could/would go inside to clean out all the crumbs.