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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear McDonalds

Since you don't want my "unsolicited new idea" (

Then I will post it on my blog. I bought two of your toasted bagels, plain, and added my own hummus and sliced onions and peppers.
It was delicious. It really wouldn't be that hard to add a hummus-squirter in your stores. Think about it.
You could lead the healthy revolution. While you're at it, look at guacamole too. Burger King has a veggie burger. I'm having it my way there, why couldn't I be lovin' it at one of your restaurants?
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NC Wildlife

On my bike ride I found a deer antler. I brought it home for Sonar to smell, and she enjoyed it.

These frogs are BIG! I never saw the one in the background when I snapped the photo, that's how well it was camoflaged. I only thought I was photographing one frog! Imagine my surprise once I uploaded to my laptop!

This is a fireant nest *shudder*. These guys move very quick.

In a land of geckos, snakes, and big frogs... I totally thought this was a real living thing when I first spotted it. But rather than being a tiny holdover from the Jurassic period, it's of course just a toy Triceratops, who's had one too many run ins with the family dog, looks like. I picked him up and he was missing feet in addition to his horns. And part of his tail. I guess he was out exploring with whoever his owner is... and decided just to stay.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


This is my new favorite thing! I found this link: And the post did change my life! In short: freeze bananas, food process them (for a while, until they are awesome) Add PB or Chocolate (vegan or otherwise) or BOTH! And you have the closest I've come to ice cream since Jan 20, 2010! I even have an ice cream headache from eating it too fast! But I just checked my arteries and they're way cleaner!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011


9 out of 10 cats agree: getting things in the mail is fun! 1 out of 10 cats did not understand the question due to extreme cat drowsiness and or extreme distraction due to hunger, interest in a fluttering object, the skin-willies, a random air current, or a passing thought of the vacuum cleaner.