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Friday, August 27, 2010

Drivetrain Snafu

So, somewhere in the last 140 miles on my bike (105 of which was all one trip to Chicago and back, 12 hrs of riding, stopping, eating, etc) I lost 3 of the remaining 4 of my chainring bolts. Then on a quick 15 mile jaunt, the whole thing fell apart unexpectedly and I was suddenly up an interesting creek lacking a propulsion device. Literally. I lowered my seat and "kicked/ran/scootered" my way home after removing the chain. Thanks to a good buddy, all 5 bolts are now replaced and loc-tited this time. The adventure yielded at least 25 mosquito bites.
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Nomming, Tibbs Style

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Sonar rockin' the hoodie of her favorite company: KONG. Has major style points- we'll find out if it has some function similar to the Thundershirt. Sonar doesn't have a thunder/noise issue, but general anxiety issues... either way, she is CUTE!!! In this sweatshirt.
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Inland Surfing

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Inland Surfing

So you surf in front of the wave created by the boat's wake. Once you get good at it, you drop the rope and just ride the wave. We're still beginners.
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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gaurav Kayaking

Mmmmm... kelp!
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San Diego Trip

Out on the Pacific Ocean.
On top of a 'mountain' at the beginning of our downhill-on poor bikes-adventure. Holy brakes!
Overlooking beach.
The boy on a fault line!
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Cat Tent

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Sink Installation

Tibbs investigating drain...
Cats helping...
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