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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Oh look! NC State planted flowers for me!

Dad, this is that lake we walked by.

This is a dad shot.

So is this one. Note pines on one side and deciduous forest on the other side.
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I love my bike.

Why? Because I love my bike.

Look at all that orange!

Oh there is nothing nicer than this. Nothing.

Bike, resting.
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Wolfpack Pride

Alumni Center at NC State has some very cool statues.

I've seen that face before on Sonar...

Backs up to a pretty amazing overlook too!
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Accomodating Swans

Oh look, a pretty Swan in the distance. *sigh* I wish it was a little closer.

OH! Hello Swan. Thanks for swimming over here!

Um... what bread? I wasn't told....about....bread...yeah....

Well thanks for coming over anyways!
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Mars Research at NC State

Exploring the campus of NC State here, wait, they do WHAT here? COOL!

Oh, wow. Um. Michigan State... where's our brick bridges?

Yeah, I so rode down those steps! I was like "what, steps? Psh."

This is on campus. Very nice!
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St Patricks Day Solo Ramble

Walk, bike, and exercise your leashed dog to your heart's content, but don't you dare shoot your guns on your motorcycle. Or ride a horse. No horses and guns either. Or dogs and motorcycles.

Pretty lake views from the paved trail.

oooo, ahhhh

This turtle is large, this shot is very zoomed in from a boardwalk that was up pretty high. This turtle could probably remove your finger, if he or she was so inclined.
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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Deer Tracks!

Found these tracks on a bike ride. Of course had to stop and photograph them.

Of course some had to be in Macro mode.

It was clearly more than one deer with some monster tracks, some medium ones, and some little ones.
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Drip drying my reuseable lunch gear from
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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Macro Maniac

In case you didn't know, many cameras come with a "macro" setting that is great for very close up pictures.

Also in case you were wondering, I am completely obsessed with macro-style photos, and love taking them, staring at them, and framing them.

Macro shots of water and stones are an even bigger draw. I have no idea why, but I love them.
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New Camera Day!

Bike, looking epic on a street by my house.

Local horse, sneering at me.

Sonar and her beloved Kong

Spring flowers in bloom in Raleigh, NC
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