adventures of beck

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Back to School

My favorite teachers, above, are ready for me to go "Back to School." I'm trying to lay out a strategy to maximize the learning I can do at-home from these two. Preferably when Dunk is napping. Getting out to get experience with other animals is an important next step for me, as is a formal education and/or certification in dog training. However, there's a LOT I can learn from these two at home and using my online membership to and the groups that I'm part of on Facebook.

I think a good next step for me would be to define a home curriculum for myself. I have a great deal of theory knowledge as I've read many dog books and have attended two ClickerExpos. I think it would be a big confidence boost for me to demonstrate to myself that I have a good handle on mechanics, planning, and troubleshooting with animals. Next, I'll lay out a curriculum to help me solidify my teaching skills with humans (especially novice trainers.)

Then, perhaps next year or the year after, I'll be ready to try KPA Professional Course. Or maybe, in that time, I'll feel confident enough to strike out on my own, either going for CPDT Certification or beginning paid training in the context of building skills for my CPDT Certification.

Either way, I'll be relying a great deal on the two pictured above to design my curriculum. I'm sure they're prepared to be helpful. They heard treats were involved. :-)